Education Recognition Program

Maintaining Recognition

FEES:  Renewal applications: $1,100 for the main site. $100 for each additional multi-site.  Please note: There is no fee for expansion sites. Programs may add an unlimited number of expansion sites with no additional fee. The application will calculate the fee based on the type of application you choose and/or the number of sites 

Application ResourcesApplication TemplatesRecognition Toolkits Policies & Procedures 

 Please email or call 1.888.232.0822 to reach an Education Recognition Program staff member.

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Annual Status Report (ASR)

(ERP) requires all recognized programs to complete an ASR during the anniversary month of their ADA Recognition. The ASR becomes available to the program coordinator 30 days prior to the programs anniversary date and remains available 60 days after. 

ASR Resources: 

Audit Preparation 

An audit is a randomly selected onsite visit that allows the Education Recognition Program to verify a Recognized entity was compliant with the National Standard’s criteria at the time of most recent application and has remained compliant during the current recognition cycle. 

Audit Preparation Resources 

ERP services can be randomly chosen for an audit by ADA or CMS (Centers of Medicare and Medicaid) If you are chosen by CMS for an audit: Integrated Management Strategies (IMS) is the contracting organization that will contact you via email. There are very specific ways to get ready for CMS audits.

2024 ADA & CMS Audit Preparation Q/A Webinar

Presented by Uzma Quraishi with the ADA and Kelley Moultry with IMS. (Recorded February 9, 2024

Webinar Recording

Passcode: 395864

Policies & Procedures 

Benefits of being an ADA-recognized education program include:

  • Access to ERP University (ERPU) At ERP University (ERPU), you can choose from a selection of videos that cover each of the 6 National Standards of Diabetes Self- Management Education and Support as well as videos on navigating the ERP Portal and the ERP website.  ERPU is a new free benefit of Recognition and is only available to Quality Coordinators and staff members of Recognized services as well as services that plan on applying for Recognition.
  • Access to the ERP Networking Community where you can network with over 7K Diabetes Educators 
  • Assign multiple assistant Coordinators to assist with functions within the ERP Portal such as application and annual status reports 
  • Referrals from local ADA offices and through our Center for Information
  • 40 percent discount on American Diabetes Association's publications and books
    • Once you have logged into, click on my account icon on the upper right and update your account details. Choose the Education Recognition Program member option and enter your 6-digit program ID number to receive the 40% ERP discount.
  • Free access to Chronicle Diabetes—a HIPAA- and HITECH-compliant web-based system that provides health care professionals tools to facilitate diabetes education documentation.
  • Ability to request an invitation to ERP's monthly Ask the ERP Experts Q/A webinar for new quality coordinators as well as programs that will be submitting an application or an annual status report. Register Now
  • Quarterly newsletter that provides recognition tips and updates
  • Traditional Programs may add an unlimited number of expansion sites with no additional fee 
  • Free DSME and MNT Reimbursement Guide
  • Recognition Application processed in under 30 business days
  • Ability to speak with an ERP Staff member Monday through Friday between the hours of 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM ET. All emails and phone calls received outside of business hours are responded to within 1 business day.
  • Free Audit Preparation Toolkit
  • Free Continuous Quality Improvement Process Toolkit

Free Resources to Promote Your Program:

Benefits of ADA Education Recognition   (PDF)

Programs have access to all of the Recognition benefits including access to Chronicle Diabetes before Applying for Recognition. 

Ready to Apply?

If your service plans on submitting an application for Recognition within the next six months, please submit an ERP onboarding form.  The Quality Coordinator will receive an email containing the ERP Portal login credentials along with the application instructions within 24–48 hours.

The changes below can all be made through the ERP Portal by the Quality Coordinator or the Assistant Coordinator:

  • Sponsoring Organization Name and/or Program Name Change
  • Change in Program Coordinator's Email Address
  • Change in Administrative Officer
  • Address Change
  • Phone Number Change
  • Fax Number Change

The ADA ERP Office must be notified of a change in Quality Coordinator via the Change of Quality Coordinator Form within 30 days.

If there has been a substantive change in the program such as a site closing, site moving to another sponsor or changes in sponsor relationship please email and include your program ID# in the message. (Depending on the change, you may be sent an Interim Status Report which will allow you to provide additional details about the program change.)

Change of Quality Coordinator Form


A program may add an additional site(s) at any time during the programs Recognition cycle. Each DSME program has a primary multi-site. Other sites can be added to the primary multi-site as multi-sites or expansion sites. Expansion sites can extend from any of the programs multi sites.  It is crucial to review the addition of program sites with your hospital or practice compliance office prior to submitting an application.  

For assistance with submitting an additional site application within the portal please download the Additional Site Instructions

Expansion Sites

Expansion sites are additional locations that offer the same program as the parent site they are expanding from.

Each component below must be the same as the parent site:

  • Instructional Staff
  • Curriculum
  • CQI
  • Policies & Procedures
  • Forms
  • Billing must go through the parent site

Expansion Site FAQ:

  • No fee for expansion sites
  • Programs can begin seeing patients as soon as the expansion site application is submitted
  • Paper Audit Item can be from the parent site
  • Expansion sites do not receive a certificate and are not listed on the website
  • Programs can have an unlimited number of expansion sites


Multi-Sites are additional locations that are able to operate semi-independently from the primary site. 

Each component below can be different or the same as the parent site:

  • Instructional Staff
  • Curriculum
  • CQI
  • Policies & Procedures
  • Forms
  • Billing

Multi-Site FAQ:

  • $100 fee per multi-site
  • Program must have a minimum of 1 participant completethe entire program prior to submitting an application.
  • Multi-Sites receive a certificate and are listed on the website

Additional Site Application Resources 

Note: The definition for additional sites includes the following statement: one sponsoring organization that supports diabetes education services at multiple sites (more than one address) within a state or within 100 miles of neighboring states.