Education Recognition Program

ERP Networking Community

The ERP Networking Community forum provides all Recognized Service staff members the ability to post questions & answers and network with other staff members on a variety of topics including:

  • Electronic Health Records
  • Site Settings
  • Telehealth Services
  • Billing Questions
  • General – Create your own discussion thread!

Forum members will also have the ability to private message other members.

Login Instructions:

  • Every Service staff member that has a profile and email address within the ERP Portal will receive an email communication from with instructions and a link to create a new password for forum access.
  • When a new staff member is added to the ERP Portal, they will automatically receive the email communication mentioned above.

Go to to access the ERP Networking Community.  

If you did not receive the email communication to login, click on the Forgot Password link to have the instructions sent to you. Download the ERP Networking Community Instruction guide for more information on navigating the platform. 

Please Note:

  • This forum is only available to Recognized Services and Services that will be applying for Recognition
  • If you are not the Quality Coordinator and do not know your username, please contact your Services’ Quality Coordinator

Forum Rules & Guidelines

  • Do not share or upload any identifiable patient health information within this forum. 
  • The ERP Team will not moderate discussions or answer questions within this forum. If you have questions for ERP, please email
  • Please keep question(s) relevant to the discussion topic you are posting the question in. If your question does not fall under the discussion topics provided, please post your question under the general discussion topic.
  • If you would like to reach out to another forum member, please utilize the message function within the top menu to send a message. 

Please email or call 1.888.232.0822 to reach an Education Recognition Program staff member.