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ERP Announcements 

2024 Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) Annual Notification

This message is to advise you that as usual, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) will be conducting its 2024 audit of the ADA Education Recognition Program. CMS has contracted with Integrated Management Strategies (IMS) to perform oversight activities to ensure that ADA and the ADA Recognized DSMES services continue to meet the Medicare DSMT requirements. IMS will be executing this 6-month validation project to assist CMS in its oversight efforts. If your DSMES service is selected for an audit by IMS on behalf of CMS, please adhere to the following guidelines when preparing your audit documents:

  • CMS requires all requested documents to IMS be sent electronically. All documents must be legible, dated and have a title or heading so that they can be identified easily by the auditor.
  • All DSMES charts must be de-identified for an audit. All personal information must be redacted (removed) from each page of the records provided.
  • ERP highly recommends that any DSMES charts submitted be sent with a copy of the DSMES cycle and be labeled with A – I of the DSMES cycle 
  • Example of the official notification Letter
  • 2024 DSMES Scoresheet

2024 ADA & CMS Audit Preparation Q/A Webinar

Presented by Uzma Quraishi with the ADA and Kelley Moultry with IMS. (Recorded February 9, 2024

Webinar Recording

Passcode: 395864

Please cooperate with IMS if your DSMES service is selected for an audit.  Feel free to contact ERP should you have any questions.

Audit Preparation Tip:

  • All previous applications and Annual Status Reports can be found within the ERP Portal under the Apps/ASRs tab. To the left of each Application or ASR you will see a magnifying glass. Once you click on the magnifying glass you will have the option to view and/or print.  

Please email if you have any questions.