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The ADA has a strong commitment to research. We have remained at the forefront of landmark studies that have yielded results that make diabetes a disease we know we can treat and often prevent. Since ADA started its Research Programs in 1952, it has invested $861 million in more than 4,800 diabetes research projects. In 2021 alone, the Association supported over 250 research projects at 123 leading research institutions across the U.S., all dedicated to progressing the fight against diabetes. While we have learned much, there is so much left to discover about diabetes.

The ADA remains committed to providing critical funding to support innovative scientific discovery that translates to better treatment, healthier lives, and eventual cures.

The ADA’s research strategy is strategic, targeted, and laser focused. This approach is helping us make meaningful, actionable change in specific areas that are highly relevant to the population. We remain dedicated to supporting all of the key aspects of research that have been part of our commitment for decades: funding for early career investigators, fostering the next generation of leaders and; support for investigator-initiated research, generating discoveries that will bring us effective new treatments and paths to a cure.

Read more about ADA's commitment to research in our 2022 Research Report by clicking on the image below. 

2022 Annual Research Report