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A Person-Centered Approach to Obesity Care

Nearly 42% of Americans today have obesity, which is the leading risk factor for developing prediabetes and type 2 diabetes, in addition to its potential to exacerbate diabetes-related complications such as cardiovascular disease (CVD).

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The American Diabetes Association’s (ADA’s) Standards of Care in Diabetes (Standards of Care), as well as other health care leaders and government institutions, recognize obesity as a chronic disease in the same league as CVD, diabetes, and kidney disease. 

As such, obesity care should follow the same person-centered, multifaceted approach as that of other diseases—including a combination of nutrition, physical activity, medication, healthy coping/emotional health, and surgery—keeping in mind the person’s readiness to change. This allows those living with obesity to make an informed decision about what is best for their health. 

Providing obesity care is essential in promoting health equity and allows people the chance to enhance their health by delaying or preventing type 2 diabetes, reducing the consequences of type 2 diabetes, and in some cases, even leading to diabetes remission.  

Tools and Resources

Discover a wealth of tools and resources designed to enhance your understanding of obesity care and help you navigate important decisions about obesity care effectively. Gain valuable insights into person-centric approaches, which supports collaboration between those with obesity and their health care providers. 

Obesity Care and Weight Wellness Case Study Competition

Put your obesity knowledge to the test with our FREE upcoming case study competition on person-centered obesity and weight wellness care planning. You’ll receive a series of quick case study exercises using real-world examples to help you apply the latest obesity care guidelines to your practice. The winner will receive free registration to the ADA’s 2025 Clinical Update Conference! 

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Effective Obesity Management in the Primary Care Setting 

Discover five actionable tips for obesity care and its related issues in the primary care setting. Participants will gain insights into the pathophysiology of obesity, factors that contribute to weight regain, medical and surgical options, and personalized obesity care plans. 

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The Pivotal Shift: Weight Management and Type 2 Diabetes

Speakers Robert Kushner, MD, MS, and Mary Lou Perry, MS, RDN, CDCES provide valuable insights into best practices for obesity care and supporting individuals with type 2 diabetes, providing five actionable tips for professionals and people with diabetes.

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The Focus on Obesity podcast series is a collaborative project of the ADA and the American Academy of Family Physicians.

  • Diabetes Core Update

  • Diabetes Day by Day

Diabetes Core Update is a monthly podcast that is perfect for busy health care professionals. 

Special Edition: A Focus on Obesity, Part 1

Host, Dr. Neil Skolnik, is joined by Drs. Deborah Horn, Margot Savoy, and Walter Willetto to discuss the obesity epidemic and some of the reasons why the prevalence of obesity has increased over the last 50 years.


Special Edition: A Focus on Obesity, Part 2

Dr. Skolnik is joined by Drs. Deborah Horn, Thomas Wadden, and Donna Ryan to discuss approaches to obesity care, including lifestyle, medications, and bariatric surgery.

Special Edition: A Focus on Obesity, Part 3

Dr. Skolnik is joined by Drs. Susan Fidler, Charles Vega, and Margot Savoy to discuss how to have a dialogue with patients about obesity, including how to open up the conversation, how to handle resistance, and how to avoid stigma and bias.

Diabetes Day by Day is a podcast for people living with diabetes or obesity and their caregivers that shares expert advice and personal stories. Share these episodes with the people you see.

Special Edition: A Focus on Obesity, Part 1: A Shift in Perspective

This episode sheds light on the critical issue of obesity, offering both professional insights and personal experiences to foster a deeper understanding of the disease, aimed to inform, inspire, and encourage positive change in the way we view and care for obesity.

Special Edition: A Focus on Obesity, Part 2: Navigating Lifestyle Modifications and Treatment Innovations

This episode explores the latest in obesity care. Learn about lifestyle strategies, including eating habits, physical activity, and behavioral approaches, as well as groundbreaking medications offering new hope for those struggling with obesity.

Special Edition: A Focus on Obesity. Part 3: Talking to your Doctor About Obesity Treatment

This episode delves into approaches to discussing obesity care and treatments with your doctor and strategies for effectively planning this conversation.


Pharmacologic Agents for Diabetes & Obesity 

Explore the latest insights on pharmacologic options for managing diabetes and obesity care. Emphasizing various treatment options and the efficacy of blood glucose-lowering medications, this resource empowers health care professionals to implement obesity care strategies to improve health outcomes for people at risk of or living with diabetes. 

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Weight Management Treatment Options 

Discover comprehensive insights into obesity care options. Explore the pivotal role of health care providers in guiding people through their obesity care journey and the importance of ongoing support and monitoring. Empower the people you see to set SMART (specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound) goals for their health, leading to sustainable results.

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