Interest Group Leadership Teams

2023–2024 Interest Group Leadership Teams

The American Diabetes Association is pleased to announce 16 Interest Group Leadership Teams. These Leadership Teams consist of ADA professional members who have demonstrated notable achievements in and dedication toward specific areas of diabetes research and clinical practice. Individuals on these teams will provide overall direction to Interest Group members, plan the ADA's Scientific Sessions Interest Group discussions, vote on Interest Group processes, drive member engagement, and recommend content and resources to share with Interest Group members. 

Role Descriptions

The roles on the Interest Group Leadership Teams vary in level of seniority and anticipated time commitment. Members who have previously served on an Interest Group Leadership Team are welcome to reapply during the application cycle (January–February). Individuals who are employed by industry are not eligible to serve as chair-elect or chair, due to continuing education accreditation policies.

  • Chair (senior level): Provide overall direction and leadership to the group; plan Scientific Sessions symposia; plan other group activities e.g., webinars, networking events and conference calls; vote on award nominations; drive engagement on the DiabetesPro Forum; recommend members to participate in ADA activities such as committees and position statements; serve as liaison to ADA staff and members; and promote Interest Group and ADA activities and resources to networks. The Chair rotates to the position of Immediate Past Chair. This position is a two-year term. Time Commitment: 3-4 hours/month.
  • Chair-Elect (mid-senior level): Support Chair in providing leadership to the group and planning Scientific Sessions symposia; plan other group activities e.g., webinars, networking events and conference calls; vote on award nominations; serve as liaison to ADA staff and members; contribute to DiabetesPro Forum discussions; and promote Interest Group and ADA activities and resources to networks. Chair-Elects will automatically transition to Chair after two years. Time Commitment: 3-4 hours/month.
  • Communications Director (junior-mid level): Lead group engagement on the DiabetesPro Forum; update community page with relevant articles, webcasts, and other resources; send announcements to group members; work with ADA staff on email communications; and promote Interest Group and ADA activities and resources to networks. This position is a two-year term. Time Commitment: 1-2 hours/week.
  • Advisors (junior/mid/senior level): Provide expertise and guidance as needed on activities including reviewing award nominations, planning networking events, and monitoring DiabetesPro Forum discussions; serve as liaison to members and ADA staff; and promote Interest Group and ADA activities and resources to networks. This position is a two-year term. Time Commitment: 1-2 hours/month.
  • Early Career Representative (junior level) Provide early career perspective and guidance on resources needed to support the next generation of diabetes leaders; and promote Interest Group and ADA activities and resources to networks. Individuals must be no more than 5 years post-training completion, which matches the ADA Early Career Membership qualifications. This position is a two-year term. Time commitment: 1–2 hours/month.
  • Immediate Past Chair (senior level): Provide historical insights and support to Chair and Chair-Elect​. This position is a two-year term. Time commmitment: as needed.

Behavioral Medicine & Psychology

Chair: Marisa Hilliard, PhD 
Chair-Elect: Gretchen Piatt, MPH, PhD 
Communications Director: Jaclynn Hawkins, PhD, MSW 
Advisor: Jennifer Marshall, PhD 
Advisor: Persis Commissariat, PhD, CDCES 
Early Career Representative: Jennalee Wooldridge, PhD 
Immediate Past Chair: Carla Miller, PhD, RD

Clinical Centers & Programs

Chair: Ali Rizvi, MD 
Chair-Elect: Nuzhat Chalisa, MD, FACE 
Communications Director: Molly Dwyer White, MPH 
Advisor: Andrew J. Behnke, MD, FACE 
Advisor: Paulina Cruz Bravo, MD 
Early Career Representative: Klara Klein, MD, PhD 
Immediate Past Chair: Edward Chao, DO 

Diabetes & Cardiovascular Disease

Chair: Tracey H. Taveira, PharmD, CDOE, CVDOE
Chair-Elect: Richard Pratley, MD
Communications Director: Roberto Ivan Mota Alvidrez, MD, MS
Advisor: Heather Ferris, MD, PhD
Advisor: Rasa Kazlauskaite, MD, MSc
Early Career Representative: Layla Abushamat, MD, MPH
Immediate Past Chair: Neda Rasouli, MD

Diabetes In Primary Care

Chair: Rozalina McCoy, MD, MS
Chair-Elect: Christopher Jones, MD
Communications Director: Sarah Cote, NP-C, CDCES, BC-ADM
Advisor: Caroline R. Richardson, MD
Advisor: Kevin T. Miller, DO
Early Career Representative: Rong Mei Zhang, MD
Immediate Past Chair: Piek Tan, RD, CDCES

Diabetes In Youth

Chair: Stuart Weinzimer, MD
Chair-Elect: Heba M. Ismail, MD
Communications Director: Samar Hafida, MD
Advisor: Danny Duke, PhD
Advisor: Samantha Robbins, APRN, FNP-BC, BC-ADM
Early Career Representative: Christine March, MD, MS
Immediate Past Chair: Jean Lawrence, ScD, MPH, MSSA

Diabetes Self-Management Education & Support 

Chair: Michelle Stancil, MS, BSN, RN, BSN, CDCES
Chair-Elect: Joyce Y. Lee, PharmD, APh, FCCP, BCPS, BCACP, CDCES
Communications Director: Kimberly Ellis, MSN, FNP-C, CDCES
Advisor: Jennifer D'Souza, PharmD, CDCES, BC-ADM
Advisor: Sara (Mandy) Reece, PharmD, CDCES, BC-ADM
Early Career Representative: Madalyn Vasquez, MS, RDN, CDCES, CPT
Immediate Past Chair: Clipper Young, PharmD, MPH, CDCES, BC-ADM, BCGP, APh

Diabetes Technology

Chair: Viral N. Shah, MD
Chair-Elect: Paige Johnson BSN, RN, CDCES
Communications Director: Halis Kaan Akturk, MD
Advisor: Laya Ekhlaspour, MD
Early Career Representative: Andrew A Welch, DO
Immediate Past Chair: Joseph Aloi, MD

Exercise Physiology 

Chair: Lisa Chow, MD, MS
Chair-Elect: Michael B. See, MS, ACSM-CEP, CDCES, NBC-HWC
Communications Director: Ryan D. Russell, PhD
Advisor: Aimee Katona, BS, CCEP
Advisor: Melissa Erickson, PhD
Early Career Representative: Maria Vamvini, MD
Immediate Past Chair: Ian Lanza, PhD

Eye Health

Chair: Blake Cooper, MD, MPH
Communications Director: Roomasa Channa, MD
Advisor: Risa Wolf, MD
Advisor: Nathan Isaacson, OD
Early Career Representative: Zohyra Zabala, MD
Immediate Past Chair: George King, MD

Foot Care

Chair: Laura Shin, DPM, PhD
Chair-Elect: Larry Lavery, DPM, MPH
Communications Director: David B. Alper, DPM
Advisor: Inder Bhamra, DPM
Advisor: Tom Hardiman, DPM
Early Career Representative: Chia-ding (J.D.) Shih, DPM, MPH, MA
Immediate Past Chair: Shelley Gath, DPM

Health Care Delivery & Quality Improvement

Chair: Rajesh Garg, MD
Communications Director: Stephen Clement, MD, CDE
Advisor: Nancy J. Rennert, MD, FACE, FACP, CPHQ
Advisor: Julie Gettings, PhD
Early Career Representative: Estelle Everett, MD, MHS
Immediate Past Chair: Mary Rhee, MD, MSc

Immunology, Immunogenetics, & Transplantation

Chair: Brian Fife, PhD
Chair-Elect: Maria Bettini, PhD
Communications Director: Meaghan Stumpf, MD
Advisor: Balamurugan N. Appakalai, PhD
Advisor: Eddie A. James, PhD
Early Career Representative: Thomas Delong, PhD
Immediate Past Chair: Todd Brusko, PhD

Islet Biology, Development, & Function

Chair: Jeffery Tessem, PhD
Chair-Elect: E. Danielle Dean, PhD
Communications Director: Nikki Farnsworth, PhD
Advisor: Anjaneyulu Kowluru, MSc, PhD
Advisor: Hongjun Wang, PhD
Early Career Representative: Rachel Reinert, MD, PhD

Nutritional Science & Metabolism

Chair: Ranee Chatterjee, MD, MPH
Chair-Elect: Zhenqi Liu, MD
Communications Director: Gowtham Annarapu, PhD
Advisor: Catherine McManus, PhD, RDN, LD
Advisor: Sara Elizabeth Thomas, PhD, RDN
Early Career Representative: Daisy Duan, MD
Immediate Past Chair: Guoxun Chen, PhD

Pregnancy & Reproductive Health

Chair: Camille Powe, MD
Chair-Elect: Cassandra E. Henderson, MD, MSc, CDCES
Communications Director: Samantha Ehrlich, PhD, MPH
Advisor: Jami Josefson, MD, MS
Advisor: Aoife Egan, MD, BCh, BAO, PhD
Early Career Representative: Grenye O'Malley, MD
Immediate Past Chair: Jennifer Wyckoff, MD

Public Health & Epidemiology

Chair: Noel Barengo, MD, PhD, MPH
Chair-Elect: Julie Paik, MD, ScD, MPH
Communications Director: Jiada (James) Zhan, MS, RD, PhD Student
Advisor: Vallabh (Raj) Shah, PhD
Advisor: Serena Jingchuan Guo, MD, PhD
Advisor: Amit Gupta, MBBS, DNB, MNAMS, FACE, FACP, FRCP (Glasgow, Edinburgh), FRSSDI, FICP
Early Career Representative: Mary Ellen Vajravelu, MD, MSHP
Immediate Past Chair: Elisabetta Patorno, MD, DrPH