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Diabetes Care®

Diabetes care

Diabetes Care is a journal for the health care practitioner that is intended to increase knowledge, stimulate research, and promote better management of people with diabetes. To achieve these goals, the journal publishes original articles on human studies in the following categories: clinical care, education, and nutrition; epidemiology, health services; and psychosocial research; emerging treatments and technologies; and pathophysiology and complications.

The journal also publishes ADA-issued recommendations and statements, clinically relevant review articles, editorials, and commentaries. Topics covered are of interest to clinically oriented physicians, researchers, epidemiologists, psychologists, diabetes educators, and other health professionals. Diabetes Care is the highest-ranked peer-reviewed journal in the field of diabetes treatment and prevention.

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Diabetes Journal

Diabetes publishes original research about the physiology and pathophysiology of diabetes.
Emphasis is on investigative reports focusing on areas such as the pathogenesis of diabetes and its complications, normal and pathologic pancreatic islet function and intermediary metabolism, pharmacological mechanisms of drug and hormone action, and biochemical and molecular aspects of normal and abnormal biological processes. "Perspectives on Diabetes” provide readers with novel reviews and commentaries on diabetes-related research. Diabetes is the top-ranked journal devoted exclusively to diabetes research.

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Diabetes Spectrum®

Diabetes Spectrum

Diabetes Spectrum is committed to assisting health care professionals in developing strategies to individualize treatment, enhance diabetes self-management education, and optimize patient outcomes.
It achieves these goals by presenting comprehensive peer-reviewed original research and review articles on a wide range of topics in diabetes medical management, care innovations, professional and patient education, medical nutrition therapy, behavioral science and counseling, pharmacy and therapeutics, and advocacy. The journal's "From Research to Practice” section provides in-depth explorations of selected diabetes care topics, with a primary focus on translating current research findings into practical clinical applications.

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Clinical Diabetes®

Clinical Diabetes

The mission of Clinical Diabetes is to provide primary care providers and all health professionals involved in the care of people with diabetes with information on advances and state-of-the-art care for people with diabetes. Clinical Diabetes is also a forum for discussing diabetes-related problems in practice, medical-legal issues, case studies, digests of recent research, and patient education materials. Each issue contains one or more feature articles that focus on the latest trends and innovations in diabetes care and treatment, as well as mini-reviews of landmark studies, practical treatment pointers, and best practices related to diabetes care.

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BMJ Open Diabetes Research & Care

BMJ Open Diabetes Research & Care

BMJ Open Diabetes Research & Care is published by BMJ in partnership with the American Diabetes Association. It is an open access journal committed to publishing high-quality basic and clinical research articles regarding type 1 and type 2 diabetes and associated complications. Submissions are subject to rigorous external peer review to ensure the publication of high-quality information. The online-only format allows for continuous updates and serves as an invaluable resource to the multidisciplinary community of endocrinology, public health/prevention, and internal medicine.

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