Nutrition Handouts and YouTube Videos | American Diabetes Association

Adhering to its mission of preventing diabetes and improving the lives of all people affected by diabetes, the American Diabetes Association (ADA) developed a six-part series of nutrition videos and handouts addressing popular nutrition topics.

These materials address topics relevant to a broad range of audiences. These resources can be valuable to diabetes care teams and can be used to support the retention and engagement of participants in diabetes self-management education and support and National DPP programs.

The videos and handouts are designed for use with low literacy populations and the nutrition recommendations they offer are relevant to people with prediabetes or diabetes. All of the videos and handouts are available in English and Spanish.


Food Groups and Portion Sizes 

Healthy Ways to Cook and Season Food

Navigating the Grocery Store 

Food Label Know How 

Plan Your Plate

Sugar Substitutes


Grupos de Alimentos y Tamaños de las Porciones (Food Groups and Portion Sizes) 

Formas Saludables de Cocinar y Sazonar los Alimentos (Healthy Ways to Cook and Season Food) 

Compras en el Supermercado (Navigating the Grocery Store) 

Como Leer las Etiquetas de los Alimentos (Food Label Know How) 

Planifique su Plato Saludable (Plan Your Plate) 

Sustitutos del Azúcar (Sugar Subsitutes)