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ERP Announcements 

This message is to advise you that as usual, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) will be conducting its 2023 audit of the ADA Education Recognition Program.  CMS has contracted with Integrated Management Strategies (IMS) to perform oversight activities to ensure that ADA and the ADA Recognized DSMES services continue to meet the Medicare DSMT requirements.  IMS will be executing this 12-month validation project to assist CMS in its oversight efforts.  If your DSMES service is selected for an audit by IMS on behalf of CMS please adhere to the following guidelines when preparing your audit documents:

  • If your DSMES service is utilizing an electronic health record, it is required that the DSMES information be reproduced and de-identified for an audit. All personal information must be redacted (removed) from each and every page of the records provided.
  • ERP highly recommends that any DSMES charts submitted be sent with a copy of the DSMES cycle and be labeled with A – I of the DSMES cycle which can be viewed at: /erpdsmecycle
  •  CMS requires all requested documents to IMS be sent  in a binder with a table of contents and each section tabbed and labeled.  All documents must be legible, dated and have a title or heading so that they can be identified easily by the auditor.
  • You will also be required to submit your DSMES service’s current annual status report. 
  • Download the official notification Letter 

Please cooperate with IMS if your DSMES service is selected for an audit.  Feel free to contact ERP should you have any questions.

The ERP team will host a new monthly Q/A call to assist with preparing for ADA & CMS audits.  

ADA and CMS Audit Preparation Q/A Webinar (Recorded 01/13/2023)

ERP services can be randomly chosen for an audit by ADA or CMS (Centers of Medicare and Medicaid) If you are chosen by CMS for an audit: CRW is the contracting organization that will contact you via email.  There are very specific ways to get ready for CMS audits.



We are happy to announce the “How to Thrive: A Guide for Your Journey with Diabetes” booklets are now available for purchase in packets of 25 at the ERP 40% discounted rate of less than $10!  As we mentioned in previous communications, this booklet has replaced the highly popular “Take Control Guide”. 

Please visit for more information and to purchase.

Please Note: You will need to log into your account as an ERP member in order to receive the discount when purchasing online.

Please follow the steps below if you have not already registered as an ERP at ShopDiabetes: 

  • Step 1: Register for Shop Diabetes as an Recognized Education Program member: 
  • Step 2: Indicate that you are a Recognized Education Program member under Membership Type section 
  • Step 3: Provide your program ID# under the Membership Number section 
  • Step 4: Begin Shopping! 

At ERP University (ERPU), you can choose from a selection of videos that cover each of the 10 National Standards of Diabetes Self- Management Education and Support as well as videos on navigating the ERP Portal and the ERP website. We are committed to helping you find ways to understand and interpret the standards to better serve your unique program/service. Each video is followed by editable samples and templates for that specific standard. 

ERPU is a new free benefit of Recognition and is only available to Quality Coordinators and staff members of Recognized services as well as services that plan on applying for Recognition.

To access ERPU, please go to

  • If you are not the Quality Coordinator for your service and would like access to ERPU, please contact your Quality Coordinator for access.  
  • If you are the Quality Coordinator and do not have the password, please email 
  • If your service plans on applying for Recognition within the next 6 months and would like access to ERPU, please complete an onboarding form to be setup within the system and have access granted. 

Please email sends e-mail)(link sends e-mail) or call 1.888.232.0822 to reach an Education Recognition Program staff member

COVID-19 ERP DSMES Guidance & Resources: Updated 5/5/2020

Guidance and Resources for Services Providing DSMES and MNT during the COVID-19 National Pandemic


Over the years many of our services have requested national benchmarks for participant outcomes.  We are pleased to announce that we have added the additional biometrics to applications and annual status reports.

Click Here to view a description of the fields that have been added.

Please Note: These additional fields are optional and have been added in an effort to provide an annual national benchmark report to all of our Recognized Services.  If you choose the “general” box for any of the participant outcomes, the data will not populate to the benchmark report.