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Practice pearls are short videos that showcase leading experts sharing strategies for addressing time in range. 

We encourage you to try these approaches out for yourself and to share them with other clinicians in your practice and network too.


The Impact of Psychosocial Functioning When Using CGM to Achieve Time in Range

Join Dr. Hilliard as she discusses the impact of psychosocial functioning when using continuous glucose monitoring to achieve Time in Range. 


Using Exercise to Improve Glycemic Control and Time in Range

Join Dr. Zaharieva as she highlights how physical activity/ exercise can improve your TIR.


Impact of Nutrtion on Glycemic Control and Time in Range

Join Dr. Holly Willis as she discusses nutrition's impact on glycemic control and TIR.


Managing Care When Out of Range

Join Dr. Aaron King as he provides insight on how to manage care when your patient is out of range.​ 


Addressing Social Determinated of Health (SDOH) to Maximize Time in Range

Join Dr. Traci Thompson as she discusses how addressing social determinants of health maximizes time in range.


Using Diabetes Technology in Rural Practice 

Join Dr. Johnson as he discusses incorporating diabetes technology in rural practice.


Time in Range in Primary Care

Dr. Rozalina McCoy highlights key components to implementing time in range in the primary care setting.


Billing for Interpretation of CGM

Dr. Isaacs's practice pearl will focus on CPT codes available, requirements to bill, and best practices in documentation.


More Green, Less Red

Dr. Sean Oser's practice pearl will focus on quick ways to approach CGM summary data in ways that resonate with patients and that help you visually to help your patients with their glycemia as you strive together to increase their time in range.


Time in Range and COVID

COVID highlighted the need for CGM. Dr. Ruth Weinstock's practice pearl focuses on time in range and COVID.


Common Patterns

Join Dr. Viral Shah as he discusses the top 5 common CGM patterns. 


Obtaining CGMs for Patients – Overview

Join Amanda Sheehan, NP, as she discusses the various steps to acquiring a CGM for patients based on their coverage. 


Obtaining CGMs for Patients – Medicare and Medicaid Coverage

Obtaining CGMs for Patients – Private Insurance Coverage 



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