Medicare Diabetes Services Reimbursement Symposium, Friday April 28, 2023 | American Diabetes Association

ERP Medicare Diabetes Services Reimbursement Symposium - From Guidance to Multi Practice Models

This Symposium is an accredited healthcare provider continuing education program that will award physicians, physician assistants, nurses, dietitians, pharmacists and certified diabetes care and education specialists that attend 5.5 CEUs.   The program’s goal is to increase participant access to quality, evidence-based, and sustainable Diabetes Self-Management Education and Support services.   

The one-day course will take a deep dive into billing for DSMT, MNT and other services that are provided to people with diabetes at various locations such as hospitals, physician offices, RD private practice, FQHC, state health departments and pharmacy. Current information on delivery of DSMT via Telehealth will also be discussed.  The program is designed for adult learners, is interactive, and promotes networking and best practice sharing.    

Medicare Diabetes Services Reimbursement Symposium Information: 

  •  When: Friday April 28, 2023
  • Time: 11:00 AM EST – 5:00 PM EST
  • Cost: $150.00
  • CEU Opportunity: 5.5 CEUs
  • Where: Zoom
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  • Registration Deadline: April 27, 2023

Symposium Objectives: 

  • Identify which NPI should be used to bill for DSMT, MNT, CGM Pro and RPM.
  • Describe the difference between billing for DSMT at the following locations:  outpatient hospital, physician office, RD private practice, FQHC, and pharmacy.  The pharmacy is one of the sites under a state division of public health DSMT program.
  • Understand steps required by pharmacies to become Medicare DSMT provider and DSMT billing.
  • Be able to navigate the Medicare physician fee schedule and interpret the reimbursement language on it.
  • Describe current and post pandemic DSMT and MNT reimbursement telehealth Medicare coverage guidelines in practice at the following DSMES service sites: outpatient hospital, physician office, RD private practice, FQHC, and pharmacy.
  • Identify DSMT service sustainability practice pearls.
  • Know how to track DSMT and MNT hours as well as when a new referral is required.
  • Describe what an E/M code is and become familiarized with billing and coding terminology.
  • Locate resource to search licensure and telehealth guidelines for Registered Dietitians providing MNT.
  • Locate resource to look up policy on Medicaid and private payer telehealth