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ADA Professional Webinar Library

Diabetes experts from around the world presented the educational webinars listed below, and many of these webinars were developed by leaders of ADA's Professional Membership Interest Groups.

Please register and join us for interactive discussions on a variety of diabetes topics here. Want to see other topics addressed? Let your Interest Group Leadership Teams know through posting suggestions on the DiabetesPro Online Community or emailing

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Microvascular Endothelial Dysfunction in Type 1 Diabetes: A Potential Target for Cardiovascular Disease Prevention


Kaitlin Love, MD
Tracey Taveira, PharmD, CDOE (moderator)

Human Pluripotent Stem Cells for the Treatment of Type 1 Diabetes


Douglas Melton, PhD
Shuibing Chen, PhD
Hongjun Wang, PhD (moderator)
Jeffery S. Tessem, PhD (moderator)

“The Latest Scoop” on Sugar Substitutes and Diabetes


Jotham Suez, PhD
Maureen Chomko, RD, CDCES
Judith Wylie-Rosett, EdD
Sara Thomas, PhD, RDN
Ranee Chatterjee, MD, MPH

Exercise Physiology Discussion - "Lactate in Contemporary Biology: A Phoenix Risen"


George Brooks, PhD

Lisa Chow, MD, MS

Roundtable discussion: How to optimize outpatient diabetes visits


Mary Rhee, MD, MSc  
Diana Alba, MD
Joanna Mitri, MD, MS
Alexander Turchin, MD, MS, FACMI
Rajesh Garg, MD
Stephen Clement, MD, CDE
Nancy J Rennert, MD, FACE, FACP, CPHQ

Automated Insulin Delivery for Kids: On-boarding and Practical Tips


Stuart A Weinzimer, M.D.

Should Hybrid-Closed Loop Insulin Delivery Be Used During Pregnancy?


Sarit Polsky, MD, MPH
Amy Valent, DO, MCR

Continuous Glucose Montoring (CGM) Use in Hospitals as Standard of Care


Athena Philis-Tsimikas, MD
Nuzhat Chalisa, MD

Amputations: What Are We Facing?


Leonard Levy, DPM, MPH
Shelley Gath, DPM

Improving Access to Diabetes Care in Underserved Populations


Banshi Saboo, MD, FACE
Florian Toti, MD
Asma Deeb, MD, MBBS
Shashank R. Joshi, DM, FACE
Amit Gupta, FACE,FACP (moderator)
Noël Barengo, MD, PhD, MPH (moderator)


Heart Failure: An Underappreciated Complication of Diabetes


James Januzzi, MD
Rodica Pop-Busui, MD, PhD (moderator)

Intermittent Fasting & Time-Restricted Eating in Diabetes: Weigh In With the Experts


Courtney Peterson, PhD
Krista Varady, PhD
Kelsey Gabel, RD, PhD
Daisy Duan, MD (moderator)
Ranee Chatterjee, MD, MPH (moderator)

Update on Inpatient Management of Hyperglycemia


Rodolfo J. Galindo, MD, FACE
Ali Rizvi, MD (moderator)

Continuous Glucose Monitoring in Pregnancy


Helen Murphy, MBBChBAO, FRACP, MD
Carol J. Levy, MD, CDCES
Ashley N. Battarbee, MD, MSCR (moderator)
Aoife Egan, MB, BCh, PhD (moderator)

Towards Fully Automated Glucose Management: Insulin Delivery Algorithms, Better and Smarter Insulins, Second (and Third) Hormones, and Adjunctive Drugs


Ahmad Haidar, PhD
Danny Hung-Chieh Chou, PhD
Steven Russell, MD, PhD
Laya Ekhlaspour, MD (moderator)

Association between Preventive Podiatric Care and Outcomes of New Diabetic Foot Ulceration among Patients with End Stage Renal Disease


Tze-Woei Tan, MD, MPH
Shelley Gath, DPM (moderator)

Social Determinants of Health in Diabetes Care 


Shivani Agarwal, MD, MPH
Marshall Chin, MD, MPH

Hands On: Tips to Improve Diabetes Care Webinar Series -- Diabetes & Eating Disorders - What Providers Should Know

Tuesday, 4/12/22

Rhonda Merwin, PhD
Claire Aarnio-Peterson, PhD
Aaron Sutton, LCSW (moderator)


Diabetes Technology Training Practices for Clinicians


Katherine L. Modzelewski, MD
Edward C. Chao, DO (moderator)


2022 Standards of Medical Care in Diabetes for Children and Adolescents with Transitions to Adult Care


Priya Prahalad, MD

Sarah K. Lyons, MD

Jean M. Lawrence, ScD, MPH, MSSA, FACE (moderator)


Implementing National Diabetes Prevention Program in Real-World Settings: How we did it?


A. Enrique Caballero, MD
Jessica Yeh, PhD
Betsy Rodriguez RN, MSN, CDE
Nisa Maruthur, MD, MHS
Stephanie Fitzpatrick, PhD 
Emid Nuñez Conde, MD
Elisabetta Patorno, MD, DrPH (moderator)


Novel Biochemical Markers of Glycemia to Predict Pregnancy Outcomes in Women With Type 1 Diabetes


Dr. Claire Meek 
Dr. Rosa Corcoy
Denice Feig, MD, MSc, FRCPC (moderator)


Negotiating Your Next Job Offer


Alan DeBack
Meltem Zeytinoglu, MD, MBA


50 Diabetes Care Tips in 60 Minutes: Lessons from Year Two Webinars


Carla Miller, PhD, RD
Steven J. Russell, MD, PhD
Piek Tan, RD, CDN, CDCES

Henry Rodriguez, MD (moderator)

Diabetes Technology: The Future is Now


Anne Peters, MD
Joseph Aloi, MD (moderator)

Jane Seley, DNP, MSN, MPH (moderator)

Diabetes and COVID-19: What do We Know Now?


Kamlesh Khunti, PhD, MD
Nuha El Sayed, MD, MMSc (moderator)

Delivering Diabetes Care and Improving Quality In Resource-Poor Setting


Sylvia Kehlenbrink, MD
Michelle Magee, MD
Rajesh Garg, MD (moderator)


Today’s Job Interviews - Don’t Wing It 


R. Anne Hull, M.Ed.
Stephanie Kim, MD (moderator)


Standards of Medical Care in Diabetes 2022 Update for Early Career Professionals


Robert Gabbay, MD, PhD
Nuha El Sayed, MD, MM Sc (moderator)


Icosapent Ethyl and Cardiovascular Risk Reduction with Diabetes (the REDUCE-IT Diabetes trial)

Thursday, 12/16/21

Deepak Bhatt, MD, MPH
John Stafford, MD, PhD (moderator)


Working Smart In a Virtual Environment

Wednesday, 11/3/21

Alan DeBack
Sara Cromer, MD (moderator)

The NIH Nutrition Research Plan: Opportunities and Challenges for Cardiometabolic Investigation and Translation to Practice

Thursday, 10/21/21

Robert H. Eckel, MD​
​Christopher J. Lynch, Ph.D.
Roberto Mota Alvidrez, MD, MS​ (moderator)
Daisy Duan, MD​ (Moderator)
Nuzhat Chalisa, MD, FACE​ (moderator)
John Stafford, MD, PhD (moderator)


Hear about funding opportunities at NHLBI and NIDDK

Thursday, 9/23/21

Charlene Schramm, PhD
Lisa Spain, PhD
Madhumita Basu, BS, MS, PhD (moderator)


Diabetes Econsults: a powerful tool to overcome therapeutic inertia

Tuesday, 09/21/21

Esra Karslioglu French, MD, MBA
Edward Chao, DO (moderator)


Diabetes & Cardiovascular Disease Interest Group Early Career Award Chalk Talk

Wednesday, 8/25/21

Ryan Allen, PhD
Roberto Mota Alvidrez, MD, MS
Mariya Krisenko, PhD, MSL-BC (moderator)

Diabetes Care Delivery with Telehealth

Tuesday, 8/24/21

Michelle Griffith, MD
Edward Chao, DO (moderator)


Pharmacological Treatment of T2D and Associated Co-Morbidities in Youth: lessons learned from major clinical trials

Thursday, 5/27/21

Philip Zeitler, MD, PhD
Jean M. Lawrence, ScD, MPH, MSSA, FACE (moderator)


Diabetes and Food Insecurity Resources: What, Who, When, Where, and How?

Wednesday, 4/21/21

Connie Crawley, MS, RDN, LD
Lorena Drago, MS, RDN, CDN, CDCES
Adriene Worthington, RDN, LDN


Management of hyperglycemia in type 2 diabetes in the setting of major comorbidities

Tuesday 3/2/2021

Deborah Wexler, MD, MSc
Edward Chao, DO


Practical considerations for deploying inpatient CGM in 2020 and beyond

Tuesday 12/1/2020

Elias Spanakis, MD
Joshua D. Miller, M.D., M.P.H.
Archana R. Sadhu, M.D., F.A.C.E., (Moderator)

A Pragmatic Approach to Inpatient Glycemic Management During the COVID-19 Pandemic and Virtual Diabetes Care during COVID-19 Pandemic and Beyond

Thursday 11/19/2020

Mary Korytkowski, MD
Divya Sistla, MD
Ali Rizvi, MD (Moderator)

Use of Insulin Pumps and CGM During Pregnancy 

Tuesday 11/10/2020

Lois Donovan, MD
Carol Levy, MD, CDE
Jennifer Wyckoff, MD (Moderator)

Creative Strategies for Assessing and Addressing Diabetes Self-Management Across the Patient Lifespan

part of the "Hands on: Tips to Improve Diabetes Care" webinar series

Tuesday 11/10/2020

Michelle Litchman, PhD, FNP-BC, FAANP
Eden Miller, DO
Piek Tan, RD, CDN, CDCES (Moderator)

Understanding and Using Time in Range in Effective Diabetes Care

part of the "Hands on: Tips to Improve Diabetes Care" webinar series

Tuesday 10/27/2020

Kathryn Evans Kreider, DNP, FNP-BC, BC-ADM, FAANP
Thomas W. Martens, MD, FACP
Viral Shah, MD (Moderator)

CGM and Remote Monitoring

part of the "Hands on: Tips to Improve Diabetes Care" webinar series

Tuesday 10/13/2020

Nay Linn Aung, MD
Amy Hess Fischl, RDN, LDN, BC-ADM, CDCES
Steven J. Russell, MD (Moderator)

Diabetes Tech in Primary Care: Understanding and Choosing Best Options

part of the "Hands on: Tips to Improve Diabetes Care" webinar series

Tuesday 9/29/2020

Nicholas Argento, MD, FACE
Kacie Doyle-Delgado, DNP, APRN
Anne Peters, MD (Moderator)

Diabetes Epidemiology during the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic: Experiences from around the world 

Wednesday 9/16/2020

Rafael Gabriel, MD, PhD 
Beatriz L. Rodriguez, MD, MPH, PhD 
Elizabeth Selvin, PhD, MPH
Joel Dave, MD, MBChB (UCT) PhD (UCT) FCP
Elisabetta Patorno, MD, DrPH (Moderator)
Noel Barengo, MD, PhD, MPH (Moderator)

Advancing Telehealth in Diabetes Care

part of the "Hands on: Tips to Improve Diabetes Care" webinar series

Tuesday 9/15/2020

Halis Kaan Akturk, MD
Kristine Kilen, RD, CDCES
Joseph A. Aloi, MD (Moderator)

Coping as a Diabetes Researcher in a COVID-19 World

Tuesday 9/1/2020

Mehboob Hussain, MD
Dawn Belt Davis, MD, PhD
Samuel Stephens, PhD
Jared Taylor, PhD
Hubert Tse, PhD(Moderator)