1991 - 2021 Harold Rifkin Award for Distinguished International Service in the Cause of Diabetes | American Diabetes Association


Harold Rifkin Award for Distinguished International Service in the Cause of Diabetes

Given in memory of Harold Rifkin, to honor outstanding service in the cause of diabetes that has been performed with an international perspective and with international impact, this award recognizes those whose efforts have increased the awareness of the burden of diabetes worldwide to improve the care and lives of those with diabetes.   Dr. Rifkin’s work specifically supported efforts to increase awareness of the burden of diabetes worldwide and in establishing relationships across diabetes organizations.

Previous Harold Rifkin Award Recipients:

1991 Harold Rifkin, MD
1992 Harry Keen, MD
1993 Leo P. Krall, MD
1994 Wendell Mayes, Jr.
1995 Hilary King, DSc
1996 Meng H. Tan, MD
1997 K.G.M.M. Alberti, Dphil
1998 Errol Morrison, MD
1999 Michael Berger, MD
2000 Maria de Alva
2001 Sterling Tucker
2002 Paul Zimmet, MD, PhD
2003 Linda M. Siminerio, RN, PhD, CDE
2004 Jean-Claude Mbyana, MD
2005 Insulin for Life
2006 Jaime A. Davidson, MD
2007 Martin Silink, AM, MD, FRACP
2008 Andrew JM Boulton, MD, FRCP
2009 Mahmoud Ashraf Ibrahim,MD
2010 Peter H. Bennett, MD Ch.B, FRCP, FFPH
2011 Rury R. Holman, FRCP
2012 Pierre Lefèbvre, MD, PhD, FRCP, MAE
2013 Graham Ogle, MBBS, FRACP
2014 Jaakko Tuomilehto, MD, MA, PhD, FESC, FRCP (Edin)
2015 Carl Erik Mogensen, MD
2016 Yutaka Seino, MD, PhD
2017 Roger S. Mazze, PhD
2018 Viswanathan Mohan, MD, PhD, DSc
2019 Juliana C.N. Chan MB, ChB, MD, FRCP
2020 Anne-Marie Felton, RN (Ret), DSN (Ret)
2021 Juleen R. Zierath, PhD