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MISSION: Complications
The purpose of the American Diabetes Association's Interest Group on Complications is to provide a focus for professional members who have special interest in the microvascular, macrovascular, and other complications of diabetes; stimulate research on pathophysiology and treatment of diabetes complications; disseminate scientific knowledge about diabetes complications; and provide guidelines for the assessment and treatment of diabetes complications. 


Digital Media by Interest Group Members

Popular Books by Interest Group Members

Podiatrist Diabetes Reference Set by David G. Armstrong, DPM, MD, PhD, and Lawrence A. Lavery, DPM, MPH

Print / App:
ADA's Clinical Practice Recommendations 2015 Supplement, Pocket Charts, Apps and more.

Upcoming Meetings 

SAVE THE DATE! Plan to join your colleagues and leading diabetes experts in San Francisco on March 4-6, 2016. Discover the latest advances in diabetes treatment and management through interactive, small-group presentations.

Additional Suggested Resources 
Topic-focused sessions on research and treatment of diabetes and its complications are offered. CE credit is available for these professional education activities at the live events, including the Annual Scientific Sessions. After the meeting, you may view these special sessions online.  View Online! - Webcast highlights from past meetings include:
73rd Scientific Sessions (June 21-25, 2013 Chicago, Illinois)

73rd Scientific Sessions (June 21-25, 2013 Chicago, Illinois) 

72nd Scientific Sessions (June 8 - 12, 2012 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)  

Session:How to Ease the Pain of Diabetic Nerve Disease

71st Scientific Sessions (June 24 - 28, 2011 San Diego, California) 


Session:Ocular Complications

71st Scientific Sessions (June 24 - 28, 2011 San Diego, California) 

Presentation:Preventing Amputations in Diabetes (Speaker: Lee C. Rogers)

58th Annual Advanced Postgraduate Course (February 25 - 27, 2011 New York, New York)

Presentation:What Do Genetics Tell Us about the Presentation, Course, and Complications of Type 1 Diabetes?

(Speaker: George S. Eisenbarth)

70th Scientific Sessions (June 25 - 29, 2010 Orlando, Florida)


To view all live, online and print ADA Professional Education opportunities, please visit Professional Education.