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Clinical Endocrinology, Health Care Delivery, & Public Health

MISSION: Clinical Endocrinology, Health Care Delivery, & Public Health
The purpose of the American Diabetes Association Interest Group on Clinical Endocrinology, Health Care Delivery, and Public Health is to develop strategies to meet the needs of clinicians dealing with all aspects of general endocrinology, to further the generation, evaluation, and dissemination of scientific knowledge about public health and health care delivery related to diabetes, and to foster interdisciplinary research and education to effect optimum health planning and care for the diabetes community.

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eBook: Hypoglycemia in Diabetes, 2nd Edition by Philip Cryer eBook: Diabetes Management in Long-Term Settings by Linda B. Haas, PhC, RN, CDE and Sandra Drozdz Burke, PhD, ANP-BC, CDE, FAADE Print / App: ADA's Clinical Practice Recommendations 2014 Supplement, Pocket Charts, Apps and more.


Upcoming Meetings 

Differentiation of Diabetes by Pathophysiology, 
Natural History, and Prognosis 
Research Symposium
Youth-onset Type 2 Diabetes: Current Status, Challenges, and Priorities
SAVE THE DATE! Plan to meet your colleagues and leading diabetes experts in San Francisco on March 4-6, 2016. Discover the latest advances in diabetes treatment and management through interactive, small-group presentations. Registration Opens in October. JOIN YOUR COLLEAGUES in Miami, Florida on October 10-12, 2015. The ADA and JDRF will convene national and global research and clinical expertise at this symposium to develop a clinically-useful and broadly-applicable staging system to guide patient-centered management of type 1 and type 2 diabetes. 
PLAY A ROLE IN THE CONSENSUS objectives in Alexandria, Virginia on October 20, 2015. Characterize type 2 diabetes in children, evaluate the difference between childhood and adult disease, and discuss challenges and approaches to develop new treatments. 

Additional Suggested Resources
Topic-focused sessions on research and treatment of diabetes and its complications are offered. CE credit is available for these professional education activities at the live events, including the Annual Scientific Sessions. After the meeting, you may view these special sessions online. View Online! - Webcast highlights from recent meetings include:


Session: ADA Diabetes Care Symposium 73rd Scientific Sessions (June 21-25, 2013 Chicago IL)

Podcast: Interest Group Discussion - Easy to Say, Not So Easy to Do - Patient-Centered Care in the Era of Patient-Centered Guidelines Responses by: Craig Williams (Chair), Martha Funnell MS, RN, CDE, Jeffrey Gonzalez, PhD, Chandra Osborn, PhD, MPH, William Polonsky, PhD, CDE, Tricia Tang, PhD. 73rd Scientific Sessions (June 21-25, 2013 Chicago, IL)

Session: The Clinical Management of Diabetes 

72nd Scientific Sessions (June 8 - 12, 2012 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)

72nd Scientific Sessions (June 8 - 12, 2012 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)

Session:Hypoglycemia and Population Risk - Proposed Mechanisms, Implications for Therapy and Practical Advice for the Clinician 71st Scientific Sessions (June 24 - 28, 2011 San Diego, California) 

To view all live, online and print ADA Professional Education opportunities, please visit Professional Education.