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Education Recognition Programs

To make our website more user friendly we have updated the navigation of our site. All of the previous documents, links and forms are still housed here. To find where a page has moved, please view the expanded menu PDF.

To promote quality education for people with diabetes, the American Diabetes Association (ADA) endorses the
National Standards for Diabetes Self-Management Education and Support. To support this goal, the ADA Education Recognition Program (ERP) assesses whether applicants meet the National Standards for Diabetes Self Management Education and Support. The Standards are designed to be flexible enough to be applicable in any health care setting, from physicians' offices and HMOs to clinics and hospital outpatient settings. The ADA ERP is one of two and the most experienced Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) deemed certifying bodies for Diabetes Self Management Training. If you are seeking reimbursement for diabetes education, it is appropriate to apply for ADA Recognition of your diabetes education program or service. The application fee for a single primary site is $1100.00 for a 4-year Recognition cycle. Each additional site costs $100.00, and can be added at any time during the recognition cycle. 


Chronicle Diabetes

Chronicle Diabetes is a diabetes education documentation tool that will allow you to document your education process according to Recognition guidelines and do much more including scheduling your patients, tracking outcomes and generating letters to your patients and providers. This tool is made available to you as a Recognized Program at no cost. For prospective recognized programs, please contact ADA staff for assistance at or 888-232-0822.


The taped Chronicle Diabetes webinar is now available. Click here to view a demonstration of the Chronicle Diabetes System.

New! Get Connected with the New ERP Connect

ERP is very excited to offer you a new format to network with your peers without leaving your desk. ERP Connect is an exclusive online community designed for program coordinators of ADA Recognized programs. We offer a blog from the ERP team and specific message boards for you to discuss education-related questions and issues.

There is now a registration process and page that is much more user friendly. We recommend you re-register if you have registered previously.


If you ever have trouble accessing your account, you can visit to retrieve or reset your password.

Chronicle users: A separate section in ERP Connect has been created for you to share experiences and ask questions of one another about Chronicle.


Visit ADA's MyFoodAdvisor™,
a unique calorie and carbohydrate counting tool that can help with diabetes management and nutrition.


Visit ADA's MyFoodAdvisor™,
a unique calorie and carbohydrate counting tool that can help with diabetes management and nutrition.