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Click to add/remove this article to your list of 'My Favorites' Stop Diabetes® From Knocking Your Patients off Their Feet
April - 1 - 2013 

  •  Did you know it is estimated that 25 percent of people living with diabetes will develop a foot ulcer at some point in their lives? As you are aware, people with diabetes are far more likely to have a lower extremity amputation than other people, due to the combination of neuropathy and peripheral vascular disease. But the good news is that most ulcers can be successfully treated and amputations are preventable, so it's important for patients with diabetes to take good care of their feet.
  • What can you do to help your patients prevent foot ulcers and amputations?
    1. At least once a year, conduct a comprehensive foot examination on your patients with diabetes
    2. Consider referrals to a foot care professional for patients at higher risk.
    3. Talk with your patients about the proper way to care for their feet, including inspecting daily for any visual changes like cuts, bruises, and open areas, as well as wearing the right shoes. Give your patients this simple brochure to walk them through what to do.
    4. Remind them that if they have a problem with their feet, they should contact you right away.
  • Working with your patients to make foot care part of taking control of their health can help Stop Diabetes® from knocking them off their feet.

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