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Click to add/remove this article to your list of 'My Favorites' Prevention and Control of Type 2 Diabetes by Mediterranean Diet: A Systematic Review
July - 30 - 2010 

Adopting a Mediterranean diet may help prevent type 2 diabetes and may improve glycemic control and cardiovascular risk for those who already have diabetes, researchers have found.  Investigators reviewed 17 studies that assessed a Mediterranean diet's effect on type 2 diabetes.  Two large prospective studies report an 83 percent and 35 percent, respectively, lower risk of type 2 diabetes in healthy people or in post-infarct patients who had the highest adherence to a Mediterranean diet.  Five randomized controlled trials have compared a Mediterranean diet with other common diets on glycemic control in type 2 diabetes patients.  A Mediterranean diet showed greater improvement of fasting glucose and HbA1c levels, ranging from 7 to 40 mg/dl for fasting glucose, and from 0.1 to 0.6 percent for HbA1c.  None of the trials reported that a Mediterranean diet led to worsening of glycemic control.  Two controlled trials also demonstrated that post-infarct patients, including those with diabetes, saw cardiovascular benefits when adhering to a Mediterranean diet.

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Diabetes Research and Clinical Practice (08/01/2010) Vol. 89, No. 2, P. 97; Esposito, Katherine; Maiorinoa, Maria Ida; Ceriello, Antonio