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Frequently Asked Questions

Targeted Awards

Q: I am interested in applying for an ADA grant, but I don't know which grant would be appropriate given my needs and eligibility criteria.
A: The American Diabetes Association Research Program is interested in diabetes research that supports our mission to prevent and cure diabetes and to improve the lives of all people affected by diabetes. Applicant must decide which diabetes grant will best suite his/her needs and qualifications. Please carefully review the instructions posted on the web-site for each grant before making your decision. Should you have any specific questions once you have reviewed the guidelines, please contact Association staff at

Q: I am a US citizen. I would like to partner with a researcher in a foreign country. How can he/she be included on this grant application?
A: They can be considered collaborating investigators (as opposed to co-investigators), and added on as a "subcontract". All ADA award checks are sent to the PI's U.S. research institution. That institution can then forward the appropriate amount to the non-U.S. collaborating investigator/institution.

Q: I am interested in resubmitting my application. Are resubmissions permitted?
A: Resubmissions are not permitted for our Targeted Awards. The Targeted Awards are generally a "one-time” request. If the application was not approved for funding, the application can be submitted to one of our Core Program awards.

Q: My Funding Cap Eligibility worksheet is over the $500,000 cap; can I still apply?
A: The Funding Cap Eligibility worksheet does not apply to our Targeted program. If you have any questions concerning the All Sources of Support template, please email our Research Programs team at

Online Issues

Q: I get an error message when I click on the link to the application.
A: The application link is sensitive and the online application contains cookies, which may be prohibited by your security system. These problems can be avoided by: 1) Restarting computer, making sure all other applications and browsers remain closed, 2) temporarily changing your security setting to allow cookies (your network administrator may need to do this for you), and 3) accessing the Targeted Awards page and clicking "Apply Online" for the specific award. Please note: If you have had problems accessing the application in the past, you will likely need to take the same precautionary measures every time you revisit the saved application.

Q: I accidentally answered a question incorrectly on the Eligibility Quiz and am locked out of the online grant application form. Can I retake the quiz?
A: Yes, you may retake the quiz. Please clear your cookies and cache. Restart your browser window and then click the link to create a new application.

Q: I have a question that is not answered here. Who can I contact for help?
A: Please contact Research Programs staff by email to

Addenda Submission

Q: What are accepted as addendum materials? 2) When are addendum materials due? 3) Where can I send addendum materials? 4) What are the page limits for addendum materials? 5) What are the page limits for manuscripts?
A: 1) Addendum materials may include manuscripts, Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC), and/or Institutional Review Board Materials. Materials other than manuscripts and approval forms will not be accepted as addendum materials. 2) A copy of the IRB/IACUC approval letter must be included in the Body of the Application if available. If approval is not obtained by the application deadline, proof of approval must be submitted just-in-time by the start date of the award. An award letter will not be offered and the grant will not be activated until proof of approval is received. 3) Applicants can upload addendum materials directly to their grant application via the Grant Management Site; refer to the Application Addendum section for detailed instructions. 4) Applicants may only submit two (2) manuscripts per application. If one manuscript was already included in the body of the application, only one manuscript is permitted as an addendum.

Review Process/Status

Q: I just submitted a grant. When can I expect confirmation of receipt?
A: Our system will automatically generate a confirmation email, which includes your application tracking ID number. If you do not receive an email within 24 hours, please email us at

Q: I submitted an application last cycle. When can I expect to hear back from the ADA regarding the review status?
A: Typically, Funding Status Notifications are sent to applicants approximately 3-5 months from the application deadline.

Funded Applications

Q: When are IACUC and IRB materials due?
A: When using human and/or animal subjects in your research, institutional IACUC and IRB approvals must be received before the start date of your research. We will not forward award letters if IACUC/IRB assurances are missing. The approval process can take several months, so we suggest you submit your research for approval upon notification your proposal has been promoted to Final Review. If you obtain institutional approval(s) by the Addendum deadline (see Application Addendum section for details), they may be uploaded through the Grant Management Site as an Addendum to the application and it will be attached to your application for review. Early submission and approval may strengthen your application.

Q: How can I find the current funding rates for Targeted Awards?
A: Each RFA varies on funding rates and how many applications were submitted; this information can be found in the RFA announcement.

Q: My application was selected for funding. How do I sign up to become a professional member of ADA?
A: Refer to the Membership section at