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Year: 2011

Abstract Number: 2111-PO


Institutions: Shanghai, China

Results: Objectives: Prevalence of diabetes is rising worldwide with the highest incidence in Asia. This study was performed to assess the ability of EZSCAN, a new device allowing precise evaluation of sudomotor function, to evaluate the risk of diabetes complications such as cardiac autonomic neuropathy (CAN).

Methods: Chinese subjects (n=144, mean age 60±10 years, mean BMI 24±5 kg/m2, 47% women) known as patients with diabetes without known complications had oral glucose tolerance test (OGTT), serum lipid tests, HbA1C for a subgroup of patients, Holter for assessment of heart rate variability and EZSCAN measurement.

Results: Mean fasting plasma glucose was 7.1±3.2 mmol/L, mean 2h-plasma glucose was 10.5±6.9 mmol/L and mean HbA1C was 7.3±2.6 %. There was a significant correlation between Low Frequency measurements as assessed by Holter and EZSCAN score (r=0.4, p<0.0001).[figure1]A lower correlation was observed with LF/HF (r=0.28, p=0.0005). Correlations with other Holter parameters were weak. There was no correlation between HbA1C and LF measurements.

R IC 95% p-value
LF 0.39 [0.22 - 0.51] <0.0001
HF -0.21 [-0.38 - -0.03] 0.011
LF/HF 0.28 [0.11 - 0.42] 0.0005
RMSSD -0.05 [-0.22 - 0.14] NS
SD 0.11 [-0.07 - 0.27] NS
SDNNindex 0.02 [-0.13 - 0.19] NS
SDANN 0.03 [-0.14 - 0.21] NS
No safety concern was reported during the study. Results are in accordance with previous studies performed in Fance and in India.

Conclusions: EZSCAN test could represent a valuable screening procedure in subjects with diabetes before using other tests of autonomic function assessment that are costly and time consuming. Early identification of CAN may provide an opportunity to start early interventions with lifestyle and treatments modifications that have been shown to prevent such diabetes complications.

Category: Complications - Neuropathy


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