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Click to add/remove this article to your list of 'My Favorites' (DIAL Diet=Diet Including Acarbose Liberalizes Diet) - “A Newer Approach to Diet Therapy for Early T2D Patients Combining Acarbose To Liberalize Diet”

Year: 2006

Abstract Number: 1671-P


Institutions: Lucknow, India.

Results: Background: Many patients of T2D can be controlled with Conventional Diet (CD); fixed caloric plan plus food exchange system, during early years after diagnosis but arranging diet as per diet card is often difficult with modern way of life with frequent mobility; hence the need for DIAL Diet (DD) allowing free diet by combining Acarbose at major meals to prevent rapid surge of glucose by delaying carbohydrate (CHO) absorption from gut. This study aimed to assess impact of DD versus CD on weight parameters, glycemic and lipid profiles.

Methods: In a prospective, randomized, open label clinical study of 6 months with monthly visits, 20 early cases of T2D (< 1 year), fairly controlled (A1c <8%) on CD were randomized into 2 groups-the first continuing on CD; second, offered DD. Both groups had match able baseline characteristics e.g. age (CD=47.80±7.95yrs; DD=45.40±6.44yrs), duration of Diabetes (CD=7.5±1.58 months; DD=7.4±2.01months), weight (CD=67.40±8.75Kg; DD=70.70±7.47Kg), BMI (CD=26.31±2.31Kg/M2; DD=26.33±1.92Kg/M2), FBG (CD=97.50±10.27mg%; DD=101.20±15.06mg%), PPBG (CD=143.40±20.71mg%; DD=149.30±15.33 mg%) and A1c (CD=7.46±0.27%; DD=7.37±0.26%).

Results: On completion of the study DD group revealed better outcomes e.g. changes in weight (CD=+0.90±0.87Kg; DD= -0.91±0.93Kg) BMI (CD=+0.49±0.53Kg/M2; DD= -0.57±0.48Kg/M2), A1c (CD=7.000E-02±0.23%; DD= -0.27±0.80%), FBG (CD= +5.88±12.21 mg%; DD= -7.14±7.16mg%), PPBG (CD= -0.31±22.88mg%; DD= -27.24±13.87mg%), Total Cholesterol (CD= -16.10±24.43mg%; DD= -27.00±17.26mg%), Triglycerides (CD= -21.30±37.37mg%; DD= -42.60±22.74mg%), LDL Cholesterol (CD= -9.76±22.06mg%; DD= -20.88±14.50mg%) and HDL Cholesterol (CD= +1.5±2.46mg%; DD= +3.20±2.20mg%).

Conclusion: Thus DD yields better outcomes with better compliance and quality of life; hopefully, more complication free future as well.

Abbreviations: CD=Conventional Diet DD=DIAL Diet pts=patients CHO=carbohydrate